CX governance – organisational structure (CX Manager)

CX governance – organisational structure (CX Manager)

CX governance is about the direction and control of the transformation and growth of customer experience (CX) in the enterprise.  We have provided the CX governance framework and are walking through the seven responsibilities of CX governance.

We have already documented a brief  of CX culture; CX strategy; the Evaluation of CX options & Approval of selected initiatives and Organisational structure.  Within the “Organisational structure” responsibility of CX governance, we have discussed the following parts of the CX organisational structure:

1. CX Transformation Executive Committee

2. CX Transformation Programme – Steering committee

Today let’s discuss: The CX Manager

The CX Manager is an executive role which may include the following responsibilities which have been curated from a review of several CX Manager job postings issued by large companies.

  1. Ensure an effective staff and external partner CX training programme

  2. Ensure an effective and efficient business operating environment

  3. Build and provide customer guidance through purchasing decisions

  4. Ensure a sound customer enquiry/query management system through various channels

  5. Obtain customer insights through various methods of capturing the voice of the customer (VOC)

  6. Continually improve CX by designing and implementing people, process and technology transformation initiatives

  7. Build the CX improvement business case along with the CX Transformation Executive Committee

  8. Codify CX goals in policies and procedures

  9. Design and lead the implementation and monitoring of CX metrics

  10. Design and implement appropriate customer experiences

  11. Participate in the design of customer acquisition and retention programmes

  12. Communicate customer insights for contribution to the development of the company’s Marketing Strategy