Building CX culture – celebrations

Building CX culture – celebrations

We began this series by sharing’s definition of culture:

the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

From that definition we proffered that the elements of culture are: Leadership; Principles; Language; Customs; Dress; Music and Festivals…

So far, we have given brief insight into Leadership; Principles; Language; Customs; Dress and Music.  Today, let’s deal with FESTIVALS:

FESTIVALS pertain to CELEBRATIONS.  A culture is promoted by the opportunities that are created to celebrate its principles, customs, leadership, dress and creativity.

A celebration is a pedestal event that places customer experience (CX) on high definition.

What does that do?

It draws attention to the culture and inspires others to join.

A celebration has to be a celebration otherwise it must be postponed.

What do I mean?

I mean that:  if you decide to put up an event to celebrate CX in your organisation then you need to apply the effort and do your best to exhibit excellence.

Remember, a celebration should draw attention and inspire others to join!

Mediocrity doesn’t recruit followers.