Building CX culture – celebrities

Building CX culture – celebrities

We began this series by sharing’s definition of culture:

the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

From that definition we proffered that the elements of culture are: Leadership; Principles; Language; Customs; Dress; Music and Festivals…

So far, we have given brief insight into Leadership; Principles; Language; Customs; Dress; Music and Festivals (which we presented as CELEBRATIONS). 

Today, let’s deal with an offshoot of Celebrations, which is CELEBRITIES: 

Every celebration must have celebrities.  Celebrities are individuals who are celebrated for their accomplishments by the society or community.  These persons are not discreet, they stand out.  The celebration is an event placed on a pedestal.  So the event is elevated, pitched high for everyone to see.

Within this elevated, high profile event that is hard to miss must be individuals who are deliberately picked out from the society as examples of the personification of the principles of the society.

These celebrities are not necessarily office bearer leaders.  Office bearer leaders may be included, however, celebrities are a wider group that includes leaders without titles.

Their customer experience (CX) excellence lifestyle in the enterprise makes them stand out of the crowd.  They are a shining example of the principles you want to spread.  They are individuals you want the crowd to copy.

Have a way of raising, mentoring and identifying CX celebrities – place them on a pedestal in the enterprise and make them shine at your celebrations.