Building CX culture – customs

Building CX culture – customs

We began this series by sharing’s definition of culture:

the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

From that definition we proffered that the elements of culture are: Leadership; Principles; Language; Customs; Dress; Music and Festivals…

So far, we have given brief insight into Leadership; Principles and Language.  Now, about CUSTOMS:

Customs are cultural norms.  They are uniquely designed, choreographed and rehearsed brief displays of the principles and language of a society.

A society chooses certain principles and language of its culture and rehearses small bites of it to put on display.

The display has both an internal and external benefit.  Internally, the custom reinforces the principles of the society to its members.  Externally, it communicates the character of the society.

CX culture is partly enhanced by the customs that the enterprise designs, trains and consistently displays.

These may be:

  • the standard sentences we use to answer a call and to greet a customer that walks up to the reception or

  • the words we say to show appreciation to the customer before they walk away or

  • the way we stand at attention when we are receiving guests at an event or

  • the hand motions we use to give a customer directions on where to go or

  • the way we always give the customer precedence to use the elevator……..and many more.

Customs are your chance to be creative and place the endeared principles of your CX excellence culture on prominent display.