Building CX culture – dress

Building CX culture – dress

We began this series by sharing’s definition of culture:

the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

From that definition we proffered that the elements of culture are: Leadership; Principles; Language; Customs; Dress; Music and Festivals…

So far, we have given brief insight into Leadership; Principles; Language and Customs.  Now, let’s move on to DRESS:

Dress is a visible expression and celebration of the culture of a society.  It is a way of placing the culture on high definition.

Craft the look that connects you to your set of CX values and train your internal team to don it with honour.

Your CX values are your principles – remember, we have already discussed those.  Your CX principles must lead you to your corporate CX persona.  In other words, if the CX culture you have decided to build were a person, what would they look like?  What would their character be like?

Our CX culture persona is Buddy – he is young, bubbly and always ready and happy to give a CX idea or two.

Dress can be designed for both corporate events and everyday business of the company.