CX governance – corporate governance & CX governance

CX governance – corporate governance & CX governance

So, just to summarize, we reviewed the National code on corporate governance Zimbabwe (“the code”) and identified 7 board responsibilities for corporate governance.  These corporate governance responsibilities can be aligned to our already proferred customer experience (CX) governance responsibilities.

Corporate governance is the broad discipline and CX governance is a specific area that we are concerned about here.  Below, I will outline the corporate governance responsibilities identified in the code and show how our 7 CX governance responsibilities are aligned.






1. Setting the company’s strategic aims and ensuring that the necessary financial and Human Resources are in place for the company to meet its objectives and review management performance. (2.) Development of CX Strategy

(4.) Approval of an appropriate CX

organizational structure


2. Determining the company’s purpose, vision, mission and values. (1.) Promotion of CX culture


3. Setting strategies for achieving the company’s purpose (2.) Development of CX Strategy


4. Ensuring that procedures, policies and practices are established and implemented (5.) Approval of CX policies and processes


5. Approving, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of strategies, policies, procedures and business plans


(7.) Monitoring of CX performance

(3.) Evaluation of CX options & approval of selected initiatives

6. Identifying the key risk areas and key performance indicators of the company


(6.) Setting of CX Metrics


7. Regularly assessing the company’s performance and effectiveness and that of individual directors and the chief executive officer.


(7.) Monitoring of CX performance