CX governance – framework

CX governance – framework

Customer experience (CX) governance is the role of the most senior organ in the enterprise.

In large companies, this is the board of directors.  The kind of attention to CX we are proposing here is not presently found in most boards of directors.  In fact, it’s almost non-existent.  We have discussed before how incomprehensible it is that CX governance and management does not receive the requisite priority in industry.

Here is a summary of the argument we have presented before:

  1. Companies are in business for the customer

  2. Customer retention and growth is responsible for revenue and profitability growth

  3. Profitability is responsible for business sustainability

It takes CX governance and management to achieve number (2) above so that number (3) happens.  CX governance and management is important – so let’s give it the attention it deserves.

So, drawing from our last post where we gave the King IV and definitions of corporate governance, there are governance priorities specific to CX that we can extrapolate.  The board of directors is accountable for the:

  1. Promotion of CX culture

  2. Development of CX strategy

  3. Evaluation of CX options & approval of selected initiatives

  4. Approval of an appropriate CX organizational structure (roles and responsibilities)

  5. Approval of CX policies & processes

  6. Setting of CX metrics

  7. Monitoring of CX performance

We will talk about these is more detail later.