CX governance – Organisational structure (CXTP-SC)

CX governance – Organisational structure (CXTP-SC)

CX governance is about the direction and control of the transformation and growth of customer experience (CX) in the enterprise.  We have provided the CX governance framework and are walking through the seven responsibilities of CX governance.  We have already documented a brief  of CX culture; CX strategy; the Evaluation of CX options & Approval of selected initiatives and Organisational structure (CX Transformation Executive Committee)

Today, let’s talk about Organisational Structures (CXTP-SC):

The Customer experience transformation programme steering committee (CXTP-SC) is the work horse for the execution of the CX transformation programme decided by the CXTEC.  The CXTP-SC’s purpose is to:

  • oversee the roll out of the customer experience transformation programme (CXTP) according to the approved budget

  • ensure the documentation of the CXTP business case in conjunction with the senior customer experience or marketing executive (The business case is the tool most appropriate for the documentation of the output of scoring difference options.  The business case will demonstrate the business alignment of the proposed initiatives)

  • Approve projects in support of the CXTP

  • oversee the achievement of the CX benefits outlined in the business case

  • ensure that there are sufficient resources to realise the benefits outlined in the business case

The CXTP-SC may be comprised of heads of department such as head of marketing and/or customer experience; head of finance; head of technology; head of human capital; main business leader and Programme Manager.

In large organisations, the CXTP-SC would comprise of heads of department as above while the CXTEC would comprise senior executives such as individuals in the C- suite, that is the CEO, the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Financial Officer; the Chief Customer Officer (or other term such as the Chief CX Officer…).

In smaller organisations, the roles of the CXTEC and CXTP-SC may be merged and you may call it whatever you like between the two.