Gauge your current CX capability – people (Career development opportunities)

Gauge your current CX capability – people (Career development opportunities)

In the last post, we spoke about how employee or people engagement is a good metric to gauge the current capability of people in your organisation to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX).  In other words, the more engaged your people are, the more they will contribute toward a great CX.  What is people engagement?  Again, people engagement is:

The motivation, energy and active involvement of your people in advancing the culture and goals of the organisation.

When people are not engaged, they just coast along on the journey, doing the bare minimum.  This can never deliver great customer experience.  We listed 10 factors that contribute to greater people engagement. One of them is Career development opportunities.

Energy levels rise with the extent of vision that people have concerning their future.  Knowing that there is a clear path of career development gives people higher aspirations.  The greater the aspirations, the more energy is produced for life at work.

Not only that – when the organisation invests in education and training for its people to grow in their capabilities, this creates a more enjoyable and energized work environment.

This is because we are rarely motivated to do things we are not good at.  Investments in developing staff careers through knowledge makes them better at what they do.  When they become better – they enjoy the work more.  When they enjoy the work, their daily energy levels rise, producing a better customer experience.