Gauge your current CX capability – people (cultural diversity)

Gauge your current CX capability – people (cultural diversity)

We have been discussing how employee or people engagement in your organisation can be achieved. Why?  This is because the extent of people engagement in your organisation determines your capability to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX).

Remember, people engagement refers to the extent to which the people in your organisation are connected to and motivated by the enterprise goals and values.  We are discussing the different factors that determine employee or people engagement.

CULTURAL DIVERSITY is one of these factors.  The manner in which people of different ethnic, belief and cultural backgrounds are integrated into the pursuit of the most important goals of the organisation determines the extent to which all people in the organisation are generally motivated in their employment or involvement.

First of all and obviously, whoever is not, or feels excluded will naturally disengage from the enterprise.  They may be present but disconnected in reality.  What this means, as we have discussed before is that you do not extract the best value from everyone who is available.  You will have numbers but the productivity will not be maximized.  People doing the bare minimum required not to get fired does not produce a CX excellence environment.

In addition to the people directly excluded or who feel that way, there are those who observe the unfairness or discrimination.  In general, people are depressed and hurt by the mistreatment and exclusion of others.  People take sides in the midst of injustice.  This further divides the workforce resulting in an incoherent service offering.

Over and above the payload of excluding a whole section of the people in your organisation, there is the aspect of the general loss of the perspectives that flow from the involvement of people of diverse cultural backgrounds.  When you deal with customers, you are dealing with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.  The best way to connect with them is to understand their culture and perspective in order to frame experiences that they value.

The lack of cultural diversity in the enterprise implies the absence of first hand experience on the diversity of cultures amongst customers too. 

The capacity to connect to cultural diversity amongst customers flows from cultural diversity amongst the people in your organisation.