Gauge your current CX capability – people (fair pay structures)

Gauge your current CX capability – people (fair pay structures)

It is widely touted that people happiness at work does not depend on money.  Or more precisely, “it does not depend on how much money people are earning.”  I think the point being made is that “money is not the only factor to people happiness at work.”  I agree.  This is because people have a more complex motivational structure than mere financial rewards.  It’s beyond money – this is why we have been writing about the ten (10) factors of people engagement at work.

What is doubtless is that while money is not the only ‘people happiness factor’ at work – it is a significant contributor.  Actually, money is one of the foundational motivators for commercial engagement.

Let’s look at a few issues pertaining to ‘fair pay structures.’

Fairness in pay structures refers to equitable financial rewards for the same work profile.  When people are rewarded differently for the same work – the pay structures are unfair.  People are creatures of comparison. Gag policies forbidding staff to communicate with each other about their compensation don’t work.  The people in your organisation will eventually learn the compensation levels of their colleagues – so just be fair.  When comparisons reveal unfairness – the result is demotivation leading to disengagement.

Unfair treatment or treatment perceived to be unfair does not produce people motivated for customer experience excellence.