Gauge your current CX capability – People (flexible working conditions)

Gauge your current CX capability – People (flexible working conditions)

In prior posts, we spoke about how people engagement is a good metric to gauge the current capability of people in your organisation to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX).

In other words, the more engaged your people are, the more they will contribute toward a great CX.  What is people engagement?  Again, people engagement is:

The motivation, energy and active involvement of your people in advancing the culture and goals of the organisation.

We listed 10 factors that contribute to greater people engagement. One of them is: Flexible working hours which I will adapt now to “Flexible working conditions.”

Flexibility refers to the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.  It does not help to be stiff, rigid and stoic.  Relationships demand flexibility because we are dealing with people not machines or objects.

What is happening in a person’s life is paramount to their well being.  A staffer who is going through a torrid time with the health of their family members cannot give their best.  Their focus is diverted to situations close at heart.

The culture must accommodate leveraging on good relationships between staffers and the people that lead and manage them.  These good relationships empower managers to be flexible with work times and other conditions in order to get the best out of people when circumstances become abnormal.

The important thing is the achievement of objectives.  Often, objectives can still be achieved after slight changes in work arrangements to suit the optimal environment in which individuals can work.  The alternative is being rigid and applying a single fit for everyone.

That rigidity is factory style, conveyor belt, repetitive production line thinking.  That paradigm does not lead to 21st century market leadership.

If your business model thrives on the creativity, innovation and customer experience excellence of your people – be flexible.