CX governance – research

CX governance – research

We introduced customer experience (CX) governance as a key principle in enterprise CX transformation.  The approach we took to do so was to make reference to definitions of corporate governance as a whole.  The idea is to extract key themes from these definitions in order to propose a definition and identify the key elements of specific CX governance.

We looked at the corporate governance definitions of South Africa’s King IV report on corporate governance and  Today, let’s look at the contribution of the National code on corporate governance Zimbabwe (“the code”) published in 2014.

My disappointment is that the entire code does not supply a definition of corporate governance. However, a look at its recommendations on the roles and responsibilities of a board of directors (board) will help us build our case for CX governance. The code identifies the board as the “governing and controlling body of the company…” The board has roles and responsibilities that we can later relate to the governance of CX.  For example, the code provides that the board is responsible for:

1. Setting the company’s strategic aims and ensuring that the necessary financial and Human Resources are in place for the company to meet its objectives and review management performance.

2. Determining the company’s purpose, vision, mission and values

3. Setting strategies for achieving the company’s purpose

4. Ensuring that procedures, policies and practices are established and implemented

5. Approving, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of strategies, policies, procedures and business plans

6. Identifying the key risk areas and key performance indicators of the company

7. Regularly assessing the company’s performance and effectiveness and that of individual directors and the chief executive officer.

The above are the 7 relevant board responsibilities for corporate governance in general according to the code.  Board responsibilities for a specific focus on CX governance should be guided by these.  We already proposed our 7 board responsibilities for CX governance in yesterday’s post.  In the next post we will be testing whether these proposed CX governance board responsibilities are in alignment with the board responsibilities for overall corporate governance listed above.